While the winter months are great for cozying up at home, they aren’t the best time to tackle big home improvement projects. Unpredictable weather, the occasional freeze and shorter daylight hours make winter the perfect season to relax, entertain and make minor improvements where needed. This home maintenance checklist for winter is just what you need to stay on top of things while still relaxing during the holiday season.


Check your heating systems. Check and change your filters if needed, since most filters should be changed at least twice a year.

Be prepared for freezes. If there’s a freeze in the forecast, be sure to leave faucets dripping, insulate pipes where possible, open the cabinets below the sinks and keep your thermostat at a steady temperature. This will prevent frozen pipes.

Prevent heat from escaping your home. Keep your residence warm all winter by replacing any damaged weather strips along your doors and caulking windows where there might be a draft.


Be prepared for freezes. If there’s a chance of a freeze, wrap and insulate outdoor pipes where you can. Be sure to shut off and drain outdoor faucets beforehand as well.

Clean the gutters. Give your gutters a quick sweep to remove any remaining leaves, sticks and debris from the fall. This will ensure that melting ice from freezes can properly drain.

Trim your trees. If you have trees that tower over your property, make sure you remove any problem branches that may break and cause damage to your house when winter storms bring wind, rain and ice.

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