Whether you live alone, with a partner or find your household overrun by kids and pets, chances are that things get a little messy and unorganized time and time again. When it comes to keeping your home pristine, these tips and tricks will make waking up, getting out the door and staying on top of chores a little easier from decor to daily habits.


Make your bed each morning. By making your bed each morning (and encouraging your kiddos to do the same), rooms automatically look more put together and you’ve already done something productive before leaving the house.

Give yourself 15 minutes to straighten up when you get home each day. Whether it’s a quick sweep, swiffer or dust, setting aside 15 minutes at the end of the day for tidying up will leave you the opportunity to relax in a clean space all evening.

Wipe down counters after cooking. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, stains and spills are easy to notice if not attended to. A quick wipe-down after cooking and eating will make this focal space feel squeaky clean and give you less to clean later on.

Clean up clutter before you go to bed. Don’t go to bed with a cluttered house if you can help it! By picking up and putting away stray clothes, papers and bags before you go to sleep, you’ll wake up to an instantly more organized home the next morning.


Decorate based on where things get tossed when you get home. If you automatically toss things onto your counter when you come into the house, opt for a tabletop organization system to keep things together. If shoes are the problem and they can’t seem to make it past the back door, a chic shoe bin could make a world of difference. By decorating where your home is the messiest, you'll avoid plenty of future messes.

Keep throw pillows to a minimum. If left unorganized, throw pillows can do more damage to your decor than you might expect. A smaller number of throw pillows on couches and beds will keep you from tossing them on the floor as you get cozy and also make it easier for you to pick up.

Designate a launchpad. Designating an area by your door where you can keep your keys and anything else you need to grab on the way out each morning will make even the busiest mornings feel smoother. Opt for an command center with hooks for keys, a space for mail and maybe even a board where you can write a to-do list.

Create a mail station. Organize mail in one area of your home so opened envelopes, important bills and things to send won’t get lost in the shuffle. Keep your mail tidy in a mail organizer along with writing utensils, stamps, tape and a pair of scissors so you never have to question where these necessities are.

Staying organized around the home is a matter of picking up as messes are made, setting a little time aside each day to clean and planning ahead for the next day. With these easy tips, you'll be able to keep your home in tip-top shape with little fuss!